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Hollowed out by the Brembo river the Brembana Valley has a varied morphology. The northern part holds the regional park of Orobie Bergamasche with the winter sports resorts of Foppolo, Valleve while in the southern part are the areas of Val Brembilla, Taleggio famous for it's cheese and Val Serina. Sciare a Foppolo ... Web Site.

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Modern and wide looking, Foppolo offers to ski lovers its long tracks suitable for novices and not only. Because of the good spot where Foppolo is located, the snow mantle is well kept untill late spring. Station of international level, it's surely the most known bergamasca and lombarda ski station.

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Downhill Ski: ski schools, artificial snow guns, miles of tracks in Foppolo, San Simone, Carona, Country Ski: FISI approved loops in Trabuchello (9 Km), Carona (5 Km), San Simone (3,5 Km). Ski-Trekking: the Orobic Mountains in the Upper Brembana Valley boasts a large numbers of trails for skilled ski-trekkers. The trails run around the most scenic peaks: Pizzo dei Tre Signori, Corno Stella, Mt. Grabiasca. Excursions with snowshoes: even the less sporty tourists have discovered the fun of the snowshoes excursions! Trails around Foppolo, S. Simone and Carona.
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The western Orobie track, winds its way from "Cassiglio" to the "Conca del Pizzo del Diavolo" through passes and refuges, opening on to spectacular horizons and going along the clear waters of mirror-like lakes among raging rivers, old alpine huts and cows at pasture. The track touches the base of impressive peaks, the habitual training ground for mountaineers and rock-climbers and a winter destination for many ski mountaineers.
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The Bremboski district offers more than 80 km of perfectly packed ski tracks, which are - in great measure - provided with programmed snowing. The unified skipass gives you the chance to use all the lifts of the area: Foppolo, San Simone and Carona.
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