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The eastern side of the high part of the Brembana Valley is occupied by the Fondra Valley, home of ancient mines and forges, today definitely oriented towards a brand of tourism combining the many opportunities for summer holidays with the ever-more popular range of winter sports. The Fondra Valley, comprehending the towns of Branzi, Carona and Roncobello, is a perfect starting point for those headed for the alpine areas, such as "Calvi" and "Laghi Gemelli" (Twin Lakes), places of immense natural beauty and ideal for ski mountaineering. The ski resorts of Foppolo, San Simone and Carona offer the best in winter holidays, thanks to a series of proved and tested facilities, backed by years of experience and professionalism.
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The mountains, varied and always unpredictable, fill the visitors' days in the Brembana Valley. There are many opportunities for high altitude excursions, following the ancient mule tracks or the network of the several alpine trails linked to the "Sentiero delle Orobie Occidentali" ("the western Orobie track"), which runs between "Cassiglio" and the "Calvi" refuge passing through mountain passes and refuges and crossing landscapes of a rare and impressive beauty. The alpine summer pastures surrounding the refuges are home to herds of cattle, which repeat the secular ritual of summer mountain grazing that is a precious and irreplaceable resource which protects the mountain environment. These untouched environments are the reign of many species of fauna - chamois, roe deer, wild goats, marmots, stoats and the majestic golden eagle.
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The Brembana Valley resort hosts a multitude of events for all tastes - evening parties, concerts, theatre shows, folk festivals, games, sport competitions, cultural and gastronomic events, exhibitions, markets, guided tours, group excursions and mountain parties. The only difficult thing is to decide what to do!!!